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CAST is a jewellery making experience, sharing the process of transforming the raw materials of wax and silver into bespoke pieces of jewellery.

Founded by 3 friends who had a background in silver smithing, James, Luke and Joe, CAST aims to bring the creative experience and skill of jewellery making to anyone who is keen to make something unique, learn a new skill and have an object that's distinctly their own.

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At a CAST experience, guests are shown how to carve a specialist jewellers wax into rings and other jewellery items. CAST guide guests through the making process. At the end of the night, the wax creations are taken back to their workshop and cast, using a process called lost wax casting, in 925 silver. The resulting castings are then filed, buffed and polished before being sent back to the evening's guests in the post. Typically this all takes place over good food and drinks with each item of jewellery invested with memories of the conversations that took place over the making process.

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CAST is both a personal experience and a communal learning activity. What better alchemy than creating something precious with a group of friends over an evening of good food and drink?

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